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20 November 2008 @ 02:56 pm
...and with naught but a single pic and single wedding entry to account for another three great weeks in the Other Homeland - damn, but I'm a lazy sod.

A brief summation (with details to follow later, plus plenty of crappy pics, as usual): The flight to New Zealand was terrific. Having the whole family in one place at the same time was...novel. The bach in Rotorua was outstanding (high points: the spa, the orange kitty and the waaay overexuberant black dawg that came to visit). Rosie agreed with her older siblings that Rotovegas is, in fact, Satan's Asshole (but I still love it). Our brief visit to Huka Falls was blessed by the first sunny day we've seen in the last two visits. Palmerston North is still Palmerston North, and really, shouldn't somebody *do* something about that? What I thought was a killer hangover turned out to be the flu, and yes it *was* very special to share that bout of fever, chills, nasty coughing and body aches with my entire family. The wedding was lovely despite the fact that several of us were trying valiantly to yack up a lung, and even though the bride's dear mither was so laryngytic the wedding reading she attempted sounded as if it was being recited by a wildly pubescent 13 year old boy.

The bach at Foxton Beach was a much needed chill space after the first week's various catastrophes. Napier is still beautiful, and our motel room in Taupo had the most stunning views of  the lake and of Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu (oodles of crappy pics to follow, you betcha! *wink*) Watching folks jump from the Skytower is still a buzz, and the last day before one leaves to go home is still kinda sad.

I have no idea what my work schedule is for the next several weeks, and I haven't been able to contact anybody to find out, but I'd lay a Kiwi buck or two on the likelihood that I'm scheduled to work tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. My voice is still somewhere in New Zealand. So's my heart, but that's nothing new, eh? :)

(Oh and Sander - if you're reading this - unique and fabulous pics of Lake Tekapo waiting in the wings. I'd hazard a guess that they're nothing like any you've ever seen, and no, that's not due to my thumb being squarely in the shot...:)
Where am I?: Rohnert Park
Total damage: tired