dagcentral (dagcentral) wrote,

Sitting on the doorstep of a house I can't afford...

...I can see you there. (Check your fly, bud. White Front's open, if you know I *mean,* and I think you *do.* ;)

(Point of reference for non-northern Californians: White Front  - however much it sounds like some secretive Aryan paramilitary enterprise based out of someplace like, I dunno, Turlock? - was a low-end department store, something along the lines of Walmart, that existed in California back when I was in my early teens. "White Front's open!" was standard code in my junior high school to warn the zipper-impaired and/or oblivious to a potentially embarrassing clothing faux pas. It is quality minutiae such as this, and like pearls of wisdom, that keep my stalwart readership of 3 4 5 6 9 10 4 riveted to their monitors. Either that or you, like me, have no fucking life whatsoever. If the latter is the case - try running around with your fly unzipped. Well, you have to start *somewhere,* people!)

So: yes! Here we are, after a month of near non-blogging and do I feel like a shit about that? I do. Many and divers things of awesomely awesome, uh, awesomeness have transpired since the end of January, not least of which were the birthdays of my Totally! Kiwi! Kidz! (again, happy birthday to Siobhan and belated birthday wishes to my most excellent-nearly-son-in-law, Damon). It was also the month in which my darling son turned 22 (happy belated birthday, Sean!), my baby sister turned 44 (ohhh, fuck, that hurts! One's "baby sister" closing in on the downhill slope to the big 5-0? That's how you know you're really getting old, folks).

It's also been a month of rather startling ch-ch-ch-changes, once again, the overall funk factor of the universe being a constant and so forth. Rather somewhat abruptly, I changed job roles once again (it was my choice) back to floor nursing. It's been a real challenge getting reacclimated to that environment, and scary as shit as well. But as time goes on, I find myself increasingly glad that circumstances lead me back - one of the things I'd missed very much about working a desk job is that human touch that comes of, well...ministering directly to another human being in need. It's still an amazing thing, to be able to provide a wee bit of comfort or reassurance to a scared, sick person at 2am, when the family's gone home for the night and they're left staring at the ceiling in a darkened room, wondering what the hell is going to happen to them in the next 24 hours. And my welcome back was so much warmer than I'd ever anticipated that I was truly humbled. It's easy to forget, when you're tired and burned out, how entirely excellent your coworkers can be. I'm grateful to be working with such an amazing group of nurses. :)

And then there's that pesky politics thang
: jaysus, the Amurrican presidential race has only been officially out of the gate since the beginning of January, but it already feels like it's been going on for. Fucking. EVAR!!!111! Does it not? (Hey, if you're an overseas reader and heartily sick of the whole thing already - imagine what it feels like for yr. obedient servant here...) On reflection, p'raps what I'm really weary of is a. the media punditry, and b. the steadfast retardedness of the candidates' supporters. It's become so seriously demoralizing on so many levels, it's difficult to elucidate them all - but these are some sentiments I'd like to bitchslap right out of existence at the moment:

1. Obama supporters are mindless Stepford voters who don't care about the issues - and if Obama gains the nomination, I'm taking my toys and going home. (Although in theory, at least, I acknowledge another Republican president would be deadly for the US - my gal Hillz needs to win in order for me to participate like an adult in the political process.)

2. Clinton supporters are mindless lackeys of the dysfunctional status quo that got us into the mess we're in now, and if she gains the nomination, I'm taking my toys and going home. (Although in theory, at least, I acknowledge another Republican president would be deadly for the US - the Big O needs to win in order for me to participate like an adult in the political process.)

3. Pretty much anything issuing from the vacuous gob of Chris Matthews.

...and thanks for letting me spew. :) As of March 5 2008 at 0105am Amurrican time, the Hillz and the Big O are pert near neck and neck for the nomination, whilst Repuglican John McCain is the nominee presumptive for his party. The Dems will have one shortly; we just have to angst and tear each other to shreds for a certain amount of time first. It's a tradition, you see. :-P

In other news: The youngest got a bee up her butt today to get out and about, especially since the weather has turned so uncharacteristically agreeable. So we took a 2 hour driving tour of the local countryside, the coast and back into town again. Ms. Almighty Thing was not of a temperament to stop and bare her toes to either sand or sea, the heathen, so my opportunities to inflict another round of crappy pics on my long-suffering readership was severely limited - but I did manage to pull off the road at tiny store in Bodega Bay to snap this quick shot. Hope your lives are equally sunny and tranquil, and if not - are at the very minimum, less annoying than Amurrican politics...:)

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